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EXE - Fuwa Cyun Tripple (Dual Open Air Onahole)

Brand: EXE Japan
Availability: Pre-Order
Price: RM185.00


G Project has brought us a wide range of items from the economical Chu! to the futuristic Ju-C Air hand masturbator.
They're back for Summer 2017 with its three section softness Momochi material. 
Like the previous FUWA CYUN sleeve, FUWA CYUN TRIPLE is different from other sleeves in a couple of ways.
The sleeve has three different colors making up the length of the sleeve.
Each end has its own softness with the middle section being G Project's Momochi material's normal softness.
The yellow end is the hard version of Momochi material with a tightness ring in the middle of the tunnel followed by ribbed nodes.
The pink end is the soft version of Momochi material with a tight twisting tunnel followed by ribbed nodes.
The middle section has a chamber lined with cone shaped nubs. 
The other difference you may have seen is that FUWA CYUN TRIPLE is a through-hole construction.
This means that the tunnel goes entirely through the sleeve. The advantage of this design is that you can continually flush water through until clean.
To create vacuum/suction feeling with the FUWA CYUN TRIPLE, simply squeeze the end close to make the sleeve a closed ended sleeve.
Made in Japan of quality material, FUWA CYUN TRIPLE is a great addition collection.
  • Total length: 14.5cm
  • Insertable: 15cm
  • Width: 5.5cm
  • Girth: 2cm
  • Material TPE
  • Elastic
  • Dual Hole
  • Open Hole
  • Waterproof
  • Lubricant Included (15ml)
  • Made in Japan
JAPAN Product


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