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Okamoto - Zero One Condoms 3pcs (0.01mm)

Brand: Okamoto Japan
Product Code: OKA-ZERO-ONE
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Okamoto's condom "001 (OKAMOTO ZERO ONE)" are Made in Japan.
They are manufactured at our Ibaraki Plant in Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture.
As the name suggests, Okamoto's condom "001 (OKAMOTO ZERO ONE)" are our thinnest condom ever, at just 0.01 millimeter range.
Besides being amazingly soft, you may feel no constriction with it.
The warmth and sensation of partners are conveyed directly, bringing you and your partner closer together.
Softness of 0.01mm:
Okamoto's condom 0.01 (OKAMOTO ZERO ONE) is made using an original formulation to be soft and supple. 
When tested by filling the product with 350ml of water, elongation was nearly twice that of the former condom "002(ZERO TWO)".
It shows that 0.01(OKAMOTO ZERO ONE) is so soft as to be hardly noticeable.
Flat thinness of 0.01mm:
The OKAMOTO ZERO ONE adopts original technology to achieve uniform thinness in the 0.01mm range all the way from the base to the tip.
Measurements by ISO-specified methods found the same thickness, in the 0.01mm range, at all three measured areas, the top which is 30 mm from the tip, middle, and bottom which is 30 mm from the base.
Maintaining thinness in the 0.01mm range even at the tip, where ordinary condoms tend to become thicker, results in greater feeling in use.
Safety of 0.01mm:
For a condom to be safe, it must not break, leak, or come off in use.
Freedom from breakage and leaking are assured by rupture tests, leak tests, pinhole inspections, and examinations of barrier property.
Material of 0.01mm:
A new formulation of aqueous polyurethane was developed for the OKAMOTO ZERO ONE.
The uniform 0.01mm-range thinness, safe durability, and great supple feel are all thanks to this revolutionary development.
Package of 0.01mm:
An easy pickup package is adopted for quick removal.
Instead of needing to tear a package along the perforated line to remove a condom, the new package enables easy removal for quicker, smoother handling.
Okamoto condoms are the no. 1 selling condoms in Japan.


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